Stoves for pizzeria, Pizza Stoves Production of refractary wood stoves for professional  and domestic use. Professional stoves for pizzerie, Professional pizza stoves
Professional pizza stoves
The quality and the duration of the stoves are guaranteed by the 25 years experience of the company and, in addition, from regular laboratory tests. From these analyses results that the materials used (chamotte and aluminous concrete) can offer the best fireproofing capacity and any emission of whichever type of injurious substance. The stove is assembled with elements of vibrated fireproof material of high thickness (8/10 cm), in order to allow an optimal and constant baking temperature with no expenditure of firewood. With the daily stove’s relighting we can notice the remarkable thermal stability of the refractary conglomerate: only 15/20 minutes will be enough to reach to the exercise temperature.
The stoves could be supplied with all the material necessary for the assembly:
  • isolation for baking area in fiber panels
  • The arc and lateral isolation is made off a fiber matress.
  • finish arc
On demand we can supply thermometers and various accessories.
Specific weight 2100 Kg/mg
Specific weight Oltre 80% di AL2 O3 (ALLUMINA)
Heat resistance 1400° C
daily consumption 30 / 40 Kg of firewood
Pizza cooking time 2 / 3 minutes
Instructions and norms for the laying and ignition of the stoves
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