Stoves for pizzeria, Pizza Stoves Production of refractary wood stoves for professional  and domestic use. Professional stoves for pizzerie, Professional pizza stoves
Professional stoves for pizzeria

Prepare a concrete ground with the best height; lay over the base one layer of some centimetres of fluid grout where supporting the base’s plate levelling rightly. Wait for a few hours before supporting the dome on the base plate in order to avoid movements.
The upper opening of the door of the stove must be connected to the smoke stack that must be well attached for not burdening on the stove. If it is used in houses, the smoke stack must have an inner supply section at least of. 600 square centimetres with a minimal height of. 3,50 meters. The door of the stove can be finished with an arc build with a technique called 'faccia a vista'. Around the stove it is necessary to build a retaining wall higher -at least 20 cm- than the stove’s height and 10 centimetres far from it.

The stove must be covered with insulator materials, like expanded clay, vermiculite, kneaded with cement in a low dosage, knowing that it must not block the base plate along the perimeter of the bases’s plate in order to guarantee the expansion and it must be wrapped by a thick mattress of glass or rock wool.

For the installation of the stove outdoors, it is necessary to protect it from the rain and the humidity. Let it dry for 5/6 days. Therefore light up a moderate fire (50°C approximately) for 15/20 minutes. After the fire goes out repeat this for 5 or 6 times and increase gradually the temperature (of 50°C anytime) up till the total drying of the humidity in the stove. This solution will allow that the natural expansions of the material happen in the junctures’ lines made for this purpose. In addition this expansions will increase very much the thermal yield and the duration of the stove. After a period of inactivity it is a good custom to run slowly to the temperature of exercise with moderate fire. The scratches that could be generated by the natural expansion of the stove are completely normal and do not compromise the right functionality neither the structure of the stove.

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